Becoming an Ally

Tools for achieving equity in people and institutions

Becoming an Ally and Beyond Token Change grew out of my forty years as an adult and popular educator. Each book includes a chapter addressed to others whose passion is education for those who would liberate themselves or learn to be allies to others. In the third edition of Becoming an Ally, the chapter called “Educating Allies” has been expanded. This is because I have learned a great deal about educating allies since the second edition was published in 2002 and Beyond Token Change in 2005. At that time almost all of my experience was with people who chose to participate. Between 2005 and 2011, I completed a five year contract to design and lead mandatory education introducing Nova Scotia civil servants to their  Fair Hiring, Employment Equity and Respectful Workplace policies. Mandatory education was a steep learning curve for me when I started. It took some thought and experimentation to figure out what it can and cannot do, should and should not be asked to do, and how to do it in an effective way. Also, the opportunity to work with unwilling participants expanded my understanding of how Canadians think about oppression and equity. My current reflections are included in the new “Educating Allies” chapter along with an expanded “Toolkit” of exercises and resources. With the kind permission of my publisher, I have been able to post the new chapter on this website. (Read the third edition version of Chapter Nine: “Educating Allies” here)